Ryan N. Felice

I’m a evolutionary biologist with focus on using phylogentic comparate methods to understand the macroevolution of the vertebrate skeleton. I am particularly interested in geometric morphometrics, Bayesian evolutionary modelling, and understanding how trait covariation (e.g., modularity and integration) influences macroevolutionary tempo and mode.

Group Leader

Ryan D. Marek

Ryan has been investigating regionalisation of the avian cervical column since his PhD in 2015. He is currently researching the evolution of regionalisation and modularity in the neck of theropod dinosaurs and birds. Ryan shares a general passion for palaeontology, anatomy and biomechanics, and has previously published on ichthyosaur neurobiology and pliosaur dental ontogeny. Outside of work, Ryan can be found at gigs, craft beer bars or reading at home.

Postdoctoral Researcher